2020-06-06 20:10:48
Engaging with life

How easily distracted are you? To what extent does your mind wander while working, cooking, watching a film, driving, or even when in conversation with others?
•  Mindful Tech (single) – our phones and devices don’t have to steal our attention or compete with the attention of loved ones. In this exercise, we learn how to be less reactive to every ping and notification, so we can better connect with people, not technology.

•  Connect With the World (walk) – found under Movement & Sport, this exercise takes you out of your head and into the surrounding environment for a walk, to reflect on the sights and sounds around you, and the sensations you feel within.
•  Eating With Appreciation (single) – instead of scarfing down your next meal the moment it’s in front of you, take a moment before you eat to appreciate the food, the flavors, and your senses.

•  Commuting (single) – don’t turn up at the office or home feeling stressed. Use this exercise to prepare for the day ahead, or to unwind on the way home.

•  End of Day (single) – whatever your day has been like, at work or at home, don’t take it to bed with you; instead, unwind with this exercise to calm the inner-chatter and find a place of rest.

•  Burned Out (single) – when you feel at the end of your rope — overwhelmed, overstressed, and overworked — this is the exercise for you, to give your mind some room to breathe and be present.

•  Semi-Guided (timer) — if you’re one of those people who prefers a little guidance balanced with a little quiet, this semi-guided meditation is the perfect halfway to encourage you to sit that little bit longer in periods of silence.